Rithala and Vikaspuri centres conducted Moral Sessions on the 2nd and 4th of April 2018, respectively. The main objective behind these half-an-hour sessions was to induce self confidence in the students, encourage them to achieve their targets with honesty and sincerity, and hence help them emerge as great leaders in future.

Self-Encouragement through Sessions at Manthan

Sadhvi Pratichhaya Bharti Ji narrated stories of Siddhartha who lead a truthful life and taught us the lesson of living an awakened and spiritual existence. She also shared facts about Tenali Raman who lived happily rather than searching for happiness and was an epitome of wisdom and presence of mind. Such instances from the lives of our famous leaders, encourage Manthanites to remain humble and not fall in the vicious circle of greed, anger and jealousy; one must stay connected to their roots and respect their elders; there are no short cuts in life and only the path of hard work and concentration can help us climb the steps of success.

Self-Encouragement through Sessions at Manthan

Through these sessions, students realised the need to take personal responsibilities in future, remove the self-limiting beliefs and glass ceilings, and develop an attitude of self-motivation. Through such teachings, they can set their own reasonable goals, find a way to achieve them and develop confidence in their ability to succeed in professional as well as personal lives.

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