With the auspicious grace of HIS Holiness Shree Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) is spreading the aroma of peace and humanity all around the world through the Vedic spiritual science of devotion. Every month, DJJS conducts a spiritual discourse at the Delhi based ashram – DIVYA DHAM. The latest monthly spiritual discourse was held on 4th January, 2015. Devotees from near and far areas gathered in large number to attend the event.

Self-Transformation To World Peace @ Monthly Congregation in Divya Dham

The programme started with chanting of Sanskrit Shlokas from Rigveda by disciples of Shree Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. Thereafter, the preacher disciples sung many motivational and devotional bhajans followed by a series of Satsangs by the orators.

Self-Transformation To World Peace @ Monthly Congregation in Divya Dham

The orators voiced that the “Bhakti is a science of sciences and has immense potential to uplift a person to his ultimate true and pure self”. They gave many examples from the scriptures in support of the said statement clarifying how bhakti brings positive transformation in a person’s life. One of the highest level of bhakti is ‘SAMADHI’.

The main aim behind this month’s spiritual session was to make people aware of the real essence of bhakti which is the only way to bring global peace by transforming an individual from within. Everyone wants a world full of brotherhood, love and peace but to achieve this, an individual will have to start with his own self because when an individual will change than only he can bring change in the world.

The audience came together once again and meditate peacefully to build a new world full of bliss and harmony. The discourse ended with the distribution of prasadam and people took valuable learnings with them.

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