It's a saying drilled into young minds like a chant, since childhood - Sharing is caring. But often, parents, guardians and other individuals responsible for the upbringing of a child, somewhat fail to inculcate the value behind this saying in the child's life. Same is the case with respect; we often tend to ignore the fact that although we tell our young ones to respect others, we fail to communicate with them the correct meaning of respect, and seldom are able to actually teach them the “why” and “how” of essential life skills like respect, share and care.

Sharing is Caring - Life Skill Learning Essential for Children’s Growth

Keeping these points in mind, schooling in India has took it upon itself the task of imparting such life skills into the students in the most crucial and molding years of their life. The fact that Manthan - Sampoorna Vikas Kendra - a holistic education program of DJJS for underprivileged children - aims to bring the deprived children to merge with mainstream education and development, is a consequence of this understanding.

Sharing is Caring - Life Skill Learning Essential for Children’s Growth

In the wake of the above mentioned objective, a Life Skill session full of interaction and opinion sharing was organized on 7th of December, 2017, at the Patel Nagar Centre of Manthan SVK, in Delhi. The session was themed - “Sharing is caring, and Respecting Others”. It included over 50 children who had their fill of thoughts, mind bogglers, games, activities and videos, along with a community lunch full of sharing with one another.

Such regular life skill sessions continue to be held in various centres of Manthan SVKs from time to time. Manthan SVK, DJJS is indeed grateful to His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji (founder & head, DJJS) for his incessant guidance and vision behind the initiative.

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