Parvati is not only the beloved wife of Lord Shiv, but she is his ardent devotee as well. It is on the basis of her penance that she attains Lord Shiv as her husband. Parvati as a devotee asks Lord Shiv to be her spiritual teacher, i.e., Guru, and guide her on the path of spirituality. Lord Shiv accepts the request and opens Parvati’s third eye. Lord Shiv fulfills the responsibility of a true Guru, i.e., to lead the seeker from darkness to eternal light within and enlightens Parvati. In this way, Parvati truly revers her Lord Shiv and finds in him the anchor for her spiritual journey.  

Shiv Aaradhan Elucidated True Meaning of Lord Shiv's Worship at Auckland, New Zealand

To quench similar need of devotees of Maurewa, Auckland (New Zealand), Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) with the benign grace of its founder and head His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji organized a workshop - Shiv Aaradhan. The workshop was held at the Shiv Mandir, Maurewa on 12th March, 2018. The workshop was conducted by Swami Kabir Ji, who explained the audience the true meaning of worshiping Lord Shiv.

Shiv Aaradhan Elucidated True Meaning of Lord Shiv's Worship at Auckland, New Zealand

Swami Kabir Ji said, today we merely worship the idol of Lord Shiv or the Shivling. However, this way of worshiping Lord Shiv is only first step towards the vibrant process of spiritual journey. The true form of Lord Shiv is eternal light, and to witness this light we don’t need to travel anywhere, rather we need to tune inward. But, like Parvati needed Lord Shiv as a Guru, we too need a spiritually awakened Master. A Master who can open our third eye and lead us from the murk of human vices to eternal wisdom. Without a true spiritual teacher we can never lead a bright life. Hence, it is important to seek a Guru first.

Further, Swami Ji stated, it must be understood that in today’s time and era we get to see many who claim to be spiritual Guru but not are a True Guru. So, how do we find a Guru who can destroy our evil nature and set us onto a constructive path? Answering this query, He elaborated that a True Guru shows divine light within at any requested time. A true Guru doesn’t perform worldly miracles but rather inner miracles. In this way, DJJS is a solid example as for anyone seeking spiritual awakening can attain divine knowledge – Brahm Gyan at any moment from H H Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. Hence, Swami Ji, while concluding the workshop, welcomed the attendees to start their spiritual journey. DJJS will always remain an authentic option for the attainment of Brahm Gyan.

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