Lord Shiva has always been a matter of mystery. Be his attire or his conduct. HE is unfathomable and carries an aura of divinity around him. He has always been far-reaching; beyond the reach of common man. Either He is worshipped out of fear or out of sheer divine aura. Instead, he should be loved and the good news is that his personality can be decoded so that common man can understand. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) has been organizing these Kathas for the benefit of human being so that deep messages can be understood effortlessly. One such event was organized in the form of ‘Shiv Katha’ in Ludhiana, Punjab from 18th January to 21st January, 2017. People joined the katha in large numbers from near and far areas and took advantage of the great event. 

Shiv Katha Awakening the Masses to the Self Realization at Ludhiana, Punjab

Katha Orator Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder and Convener of DJJS) unfolded many divine secrets from the life of Lord Shiva. She stated that “Everything else is perishable however Lord Shiv is eternal. The life of Lord Shiva is full of perseverance, sacrifice and infinite wise gems, which isn’t easily comprehensible by a common man. Shiva, the eternal energy dwelling within each person is the perpetual companion. Shiva dissolves in order to create, since death is the medium for rebirth and thus creates a new life. His meditative posture is indicative of being connected to the Lord. His third eye indicates the inability of the two material eyes and the ability of the awakened third eye – to experience the Lord Himself. Shiva the eternal energy dwelling within each person is the perpetual companion. Establishing connection to Shiva within enables everlasting peace and happiness to usher out from each particle outside.”

Shiv Katha Awakening the Masses to the Self Realization at Ludhiana, Punjab

The series of charming devotional songs composed and sung with words of wisdom immersed the people into the environment of devotion and filled them with divine feelings. The main drive of the katha was to awaken people to the real objective of life. It is only through self-awakening one can comprehend his true self and experience ceaseless peace and joy.

The katha orator stated that “Humans need to be awake and focus on the primitive goal of Shiva Realization. It takes ones to the realm of spirituality where there is infinite freedom from worldly bondages. The perfect masters, time and time again eulogize the correct and the divine meaning behind everything, thereby showing the correct path of spirituality and awaken the divinity within. The divine knowledge is the one through which a man can reach the stage of immortality and experience true oneness with the Lord for eternity. Brahm Gyan is the means of obtaining first-hand experience of the light of the Lord with the awakened 3rd eye. The soul is then set free experiencing Shiva and Shakti through the wings of spirituality.”

The Shiv Katha program received energetic gratitude by the guests and visitors. The masses of the region gained in-depth understanding of spirituality. The Katha was a huge success and left the gathering wanting for more.

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