Shiva is by and large known for his intriguing attire, persona and destructive nature. People always associate Shiv’s third eye with destruction. A four day event of ‘Shiv Katha’ was organized in Kalka, Haryana by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan which is founded and headed by Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, who is a saint in true sense as all his divine plays are for the benefits of the masses.

Shiv Katha Conceptualized Meaning of Third Eye and Inner Shiva for Masses at Kalka, Haryana

Thousands of devotees were gathered under the same roof to imbibe elixir of divine Shiv Katha from 20th July to 23rd July 2017. The Katha was started with prayers in the holy feet of divine couple- Shiv and Parvati followed by devotional songs presented by selfless volunteers of the Sansthan. Sadhvi Manswini Bharti Ji, preacher disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, was the orator of the event.

Shiv Katha Conceptualized Meaning of Third Eye and Inner Shiva for Masses at Kalka, Haryana

She corrected the myths devotees had about third eye. Devotees were informed that we have always perceived that opening Shiv’s third eye will destroy everything but she explained true meaning of this instance. Just like Shiv, every human has third divine eye which can be opened as well. She elaborated that human body has ten doors, nine of them open outward but one secret door opens inwards known as divine eye. That eye opens when we are blessed with perfect spiritual master in our lives. Only he has the capability to bless us with true knowledge of awakening. It is called divine eye because we can see lord though these inner eyes which leads to destruction of all bad virtues.

Lord resides in our hearts and cannot be perceived with the senses. Here, hearts signifies our spiritual heart that is the divine eye and it’s not these outer eyes which can see god but divine eye which is capable of viewing the true form of lord. Shiv always recites the holy name of lord Ram. But true name of lord cannot be taken with mouth but it is given to us by true master who has the capability to destroy our greed and lust just like Shiv destroyed ‘Kamdev’ when he got up from long meditation.

Sadhvi Ji mentioned benefits of doing Sadhna and how it can lead us to perfection, i.e. our journey from being a mortal being to attain shivatva. Katha had many noticeable lessons mentioned in the form of divine plays. Lord Shiv’s life also shows how a devotee can led a ‘grahstha’ life and still be devoted to his true mission of life that is Sadhna (Meditation), Sewa (Selfless Service) and Mukti (Freedom from all Bondages).

Katha proved to be very beneficial to attendees as they learned about real meanings behind god’s stories and sayings. They were also informed about true science of awakening Brahm Gyan and were initiated to it as well. Devotees had true knowledge to harness their inner ‘Shiv’.

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