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Lord Shiva – the reigning deity among the holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, is known to us by many names. He is the Aghori, the bholenath, the Maheshwar, the Neelkanth, the Mahadev and many more. He is THE ultimate – the creator and the destroyer. To make the masses aware of nuances of Lord Shiva, Shiv Katha was organized from 18th to 20th Feb’2020 by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) at Sh. Anna Purna Mandir, Amrik Singh Road, Dist. Bathinda, Punjab. The program was organized by the Grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Head and Convener of DJJS).

Shiv Katha Encouraged to Adopt Learnings from Life of Lord Shiva at Bathinda, Punjab

Katha orator Sadhvi Divesha Bharti Ji explained that Shiva dressed in animal skin, and had virtually nothing to his name and yet he reigned the universe. Therefore, just because you have little doesn’t mean you can’t live a powerful and productive life. Being attached to wealth or assets only leads to being tied down – physically, mentally and emotionally. More important is creating a life that brings out your inner happiness.

Shiv Katha Encouraged to Adopt Learnings from Life of Lord Shiva at Bathinda, Punjab

Further Sadhvi Ji elaborated that Shiva’s cool-headedness is integral to the well-being of the universe, as he represents the destructive aspect. He personifies that anger is never the answer even in the toughest of the situation. It only leads to extreme actions, which achieves nothing. Being cool and calm will help you get a new perspective and win over your battles.

Lord Shiva teaches us that even in adverse situations; we need to know that art to convert our every defacement into an ornament, our every disgrace into a grace and our every weakness into our greatest strength. Sadhvi Ji explained that in the current time, Sadguru Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has the power to convert our negatives into positives by imparting Brahm Gyan or divine knowledge to anyone who seeks knowledge. 

Shiv Katha aims to reach out to every individual in this world so that each can have a direct perception of God within. This is the only way to connect to one’s base and thereby make the soul stronger. The program received energetic gratitude by the guests and visitors. The masses of the region gained in-depth understanding of spirituality. The program was a huge success and left the gathering wanting for more.

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