Known by various names, such as, Amarnath (the Eternal Lord) or Neelkanth (the Blue- Throated one), Shiva is the god who exists both in formless and in form. The formless form is represented by the Ling which means “emblem, ‘mark’ or ‘symbol’.” It is the symbol of ascetic power accumulated by severe penance. This emblem conveys to the devotee the possibility of attaining ascetic power during the human life itself. Power which makes the human realizes that s/he is transcendent, limitless, and never ending. So, Power not over others, but over the inner self!

Shiv Katha Unravelling Multifaceted Lord Shiva at Amritsar, Punjab

Sadhvi Rupeshwari Bharti Ji, conveyed this meaning of the emblem of Shiv, through the narration of Shiv Katha to the people of Amritsar, Punjab under the guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, from 20th February to 24th February, 2017. The Katha was held under a grand marquee amidst the presence of thousands of devotees. Apart from Sadhvi Ji, many other preacher disciples of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) honoured the huge stage. 

Shiv Katha Unravelling Multifaceted Lord Shiva at Amritsar, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji elaborated on the nishkal, i.e., one without form, of the Lord Shiva. Sadhvi Ji said that Lord Shiva is a householder but at the same time a yogi (ascetic). Lord Shiva continues to dwell in the world around him as well as the world within. It is Lord Shiva’s ability to do justice to both the roles, which the devotee should try to understand. Sadhvi Ji said that Lord Shiv through his ascetic powers has unlocked the inner core; a core which is always beaming with light. Once connected with the inner core, asserted Sadhvi Ji, existence becomes bliss rather than a chore.

Sadhvi Ji, then, urged the audience to grasp this thought completely so as to allow oneself to embark on a spiritual journey before death arrives. Sadhvi Ji stated that the inner core of a human being is not a matter of mere discussion but witnessing. It is true that the emblem of Shiv, i.e., luminous light, exists in all of us. All we need is an awakened spiritual teacher who can unlock the emblem of light in all of us too. His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is one such awakened soul capable of awakening any seeker. Sadhvi Ji, hence, requested the willing seeker to come and get enlighten through DJJS.

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