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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), a socio-spiritual organization headed & founded by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized Shri Krishna Katha at SBS (Shaheed Bhagat Singh) Nagar, Punjab from 19th to 21st May’22. DJJS representative and preacher disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Sadhvi Divesha Bharti Ji, flawlessly narrated the life journey of Lord Krishna and explained the relevance of Krishna’s teachings in today’s life and how it can pave the path of righteousness & world peace in this chaotic world.  

Shri Krishna Katha at SBS Nagar, Punjab: A Timeless Saga of Love, Compassion, & Honour

Nowadays we are surrounded by all kind of negativity and evil prevails in this universe. We try to find salvation or mental peace in material things and God has become secondary for us. Valued terms like ‘Bhakt’ & ‘Bhakti’ are being used to mock each other. Under such circumstances, a spiritual discourse like Shri Krishna Katha, has the power to cleanse & enlighten our parched mind & soul.

Shri Krishna Katha at SBS Nagar, Punjab: A Timeless Saga of Love, Compassion, & Honour

Katha Orator Sadhvi Divesha Bharti Ji, in her discourse included many stories from the life of Lord Krishna, the complete incarnation. Sadhvi Ji further described Lord Krishna’s teachings and mentioned that he was the Perfect Master of Dwapar Yuga, who blessed his followers with the Divine Knowledge of Brahm Gyan, which is the actual perception of God within self. The Katha described how true bhakti is possible only when a human being surrenders himself/herself in the feet of a perfect master and attains the knowledge of Brahm Gyan. Only then, one can know the goal and target of his/her life. The event was further enriched with chanting of holy hymns & devotional songs and insightful presentations. The melodious bhajans acted as a panacea to the materialism afflicted minds of the masses.

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