Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) - a non-government, non-profit and a leading socio-spiritual organization, headed and founded by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized an event of Shri Krishna Katha from 11-17th December 2017 in Ludhiana, Punjab. Katha Vyas: Sadhvi Tripada Bharti Ji – a devoted disciple of revered Gurudev was the orator for the event.

Shri Krishna Katha: Awake-Up Call for the Holy Souls of Ludhiana, Punjab

The event commenced with sincere prayers at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. This was followed by a series of melodious and divine devotional bhajans which left the audiences’ spell bound. The event was also marked by the recitation of shlokas from the scriptures, which created an even more positive environment.

Shri Krishna Katha: Awake-Up Call for the Holy Souls of Ludhiana, Punjab

Katha Vyas Sadhvi Tripada Bharti Ji shared some invaluable and beautiful anecdotes from Krishna’s life, reaffirming the power and significance of Brahm Gyan. Lord Krishna is an epitome of pure and intense love, a magnetic personality, an excellent guide. He is a Spiritual Guru, who unconditionally loved his devotees. He had a Divine and magical connection with them all and the tool that made this possible was: Brahm Gyan.

Brahm Gyan is the one and only tool that can help a devotee establish the divine connection with the Lord.

Sadhvi Ji, very beautifully, through the life of Shri Krishna, inspired people towards their life’s true purpose and made them realize their responsibility towards creating a peaceful World. The event served its divine purpose, when thousands of people got some invaluable insights and motivation to become better humans.

It was evident from the audience’s response that the event was a massive success. People were so engrossed and spell bound by the event that it left them wanting for more.

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