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Chiseling the path to moksha, Shri Krishna Katha, held in Naya Nangal, Punjab from June 2nd to 6th 2018, eradicated all misconceptions preconceived by the society today. Sadhvi Saumya Bharti Ji, disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, onset the newfound inner faith devotees yearn for. Delivering the Katha with the auspicious grace of His Holiness, Sadhvi Ji revealed the in-depth hidden messages Lord Krishna portrayed via His divine plays. Masses gathered each day to be drenched in the grace being gushed through the event.

Shri Krishna Katha in Punjab Disregards all Misconceptions to Set a Platform for Innate Faith

Dredging up devotion and dedication, the Katha rendered the lessons that apply to the modern lifestyle. Sadhvi Ji described numerous Lord’s divine works. She mentioned that all His works only had one motive – awakening and arising of the collective consciousness. His approach stays the same regardless of the era. He awoke individuals, gave importance to those dismantled by the society, and enabled them to achieve goals unthinkable.

Shri Krishna Katha in Punjab Disregards all Misconceptions to Set a Platform for Innate Faith

Audience proved the fact that Lord showers His blessings regardless of anyone recognizing. His blessings and grace are like showers of rain that fall onto indiscriminate surfaces. As the Lord watches over all each moment, He desires to have His disciples evoke feelings for the divine. He waits for them to have some time throughout their day devoted only to the Lord. This devotion brings nothing but transformation in the lives of devotees, upbringing noble citizens of the society.

Modern day examples, daily life analogies, and scientific evidence was provided throughout the Katha as a verification that all holy scriptures are time tested and science based. The katha served its purpose of eradicating the false veils of superstitions, misconceptions, and preconceived notions about religion, spirituality, and God. Sadhvi Ji stated that each practice of Lord Krishna had a deep meaning of either generating, preserving, or destroying of what was necessary.

In addition, the masses enjoyed musical melodies and symphonies conducted throughout the entire event.  They were left wanting more however the katha was so engaging that there was no dull moment there. All left the venue drenched in the meaningful plays of Lord Krishna which in turn removed all misconceptions of the mind.

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