“There is no sin in thee, there is no misery in thee; thou art the reservoir of omnipotent power. Arise, awake, and manifest the Divinity within”. This indeed is the fathomable call emanating from each act and illuminating stories of Lord Krishna. The Supreme Lord of love manifests himself in human form to establish the divine connection already within us at soul level through the divine tool of “Brahm Gyan”. On attaining this supreme knowledge, one gets acquainted with the power that is the sole basis of our existence. On realising the glory of the self; man finds the world, the gods, the heaven and everything within his own self. In this world of light, man looks upon himself not as a body but as an infinite spirit, deathless, immortal. Such spirit is pure, sinless, conscious, and free from bondages.

Shri Krishna Katha Program at Sanaur, Punjab Redirected Devotees to Righteousness through Divine Wisdom

To bring about this elucidation dwelled onto the history of Lord Krishna, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organised a 5-day Shri Krishna Katha program at Sanaur, Punjab by Patiala Branch from 15th Nov to 19th Nov, 2017. Steadfast on its mission “From Self Awakening to Global Peace” under the mentorship of head and founder His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, DJJS organises various Katha programs across the country and outside to spread the appropriate interpretation of religious texts and logical comprehension of cultural doctrines.

Shri Krishna Katha Program at Sanaur, Punjab Redirected Devotees to Righteousness through Divine Wisdom

The event commenced with prayer in to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. The Hymns of vedas purified the environment and set the stage for blissful gathering. The Katha orator at the event Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji, explained that out of all the incarnations of Lord, Shri Krishna, is the most worshipped form. Lord Krishna is favourite ideal of men as well as women, the ideal of children and everyone. However, today the precepts of the Lord laid in the form of Gita, spiritual context behind his various acts/ leelas are long forgotten and worship is mere limited to the idol. Various pasttimes of Lord such as dance over the five headed vermon, Stealing butter and mother Yashoda trying to bind Krishna by rope, uprooting of giant Arjuna trees, Rasleela with Gopis, are all but the illustrations of how Supreme Lord uses every occasion to revive living beings and liberate us from the shackles of maya in all forms.

Sadhvi Ji further emphasized that we can only recognise the avatar of Lord based on practical experience of God. It is only then a human being sees the Supreme dwelling alike in all beings, the imperishable in the things that perish. For seeing the Lord as the same, everywhere present, a being does not destroy the self by the self and thus reaches to the highest goal. His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is the Perfect Master of today’s time, instrumental in awakening innumerable beings with sacred knowledge (Brahm Gyan) as was Lord Krishna for Arjuna and many other devotees.

The event served its purpose of spreading the message regarding the real meaning of Bhakti or devotion and invited everyone to experience God practically. The meticulous Katha kept the devotees engrossed and their hearts beaming with the love for Divinity. Many disciples of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji volunteered enthusiastically for “Seva” and extended their support towards the program activities.

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