Shri Ram Katha at Batala, Punjab Explained Path to Realize the True Identity Within


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The Ramayana speaks of the true identity of the individual, the real significance of the family and the sanctity of the society. The Ramayana teaches the importance of human values. Rama exemplified the perfect person; he embodied the divine on Earth, and he taught us how to live our lives in accordance with dharma and divine principles. Lord Rama was the embodiment of compassion, gentleness, kindness, righteousness and integrity. Although he had all the power in the world, he still was peaceful and gentle. Through careful examination of his life, we learn how to be the perfect son, the perfect brother, the perfect husband and the perfect king. His reign in Ayodhya is referred as Ramrajya, the epitome of perfect governance.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) conducted a five-day program of Ram Katha from 17th to 21st April 2019 at Batala, Punjab. The spiritual orator of the day and disciple of revered Gurudev, Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji explained the supreme philosophy of Lord Rama and further unfolded the life lessons from Ramayana.

She explained that Satguru is the one who takes you from darkness to light by blessing you with divine knowledge of self-realization. Ram Rajya could only be established based on divine knowledge called Brahm Gyan. This Divine Knowledge can only be realized by any human, with the grace of an awakened spiritual Master. The technique was imparted to Shri Rama by his spiritual teacher Maharishi Vashisht. Similarly Satguru Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has been blessing each soul with Brahm Gyan so one can clean himself and contribute in the vision of ‘Ram Rajya’ transforming into reality even today.

DJJS whole heartedly works for many social initiatives, one of which is Antardrishti, focusing on doing well for those who are deficient at the body level; Antardrishti achieves profound results by substantially serving the differently able people through this unique initiative. Exhibitions cum sales of various products made under the program Antardrishti were held at the Katha to give exposure to all kinds of products and artifacts prepared by our brothers and sisters with visual impairment/physical disability, and to make people aware about the Project Antardrishti. So, they can help these people in making them economically independent by buying these items. The idea behind putting up the stall was to be able to make people understand compassion, gentleness, kindness, righteousness and integrity.

The audience increased in number with each passing day of Katha. The word of bliss and tranquility that people experienced at this place became widespread. Sadhvi Ji’s wisdom and eloquence were praised by all. The grace of Guru which uplifts a disciple from humanity to divinity was clearly visible.

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