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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), under the divine guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized a five-day Shri Ram Katha in Samana, Punjab from 24th to 28th August 2022. This event was organized by Patiala Branch and was dedicated to one of the most important initiatives of the organization- Antardrishti. Antardrishti is an initiative for visually impaired and physically disabled, to motivate mainstream acceptance and opportunity for them. The Katha targeted at revealing the true meaning of the eternal Truth to the devotees assembled in large numbers.  In order to make the audience realize the true significance of ‘experiencing God within’, Katha orator and preacher disciple of His Holiness, Sadhvi Shachi Bharti Ji, exquisitely elucidated Lord Ram’s personality traits and the divine source behind his extraordinary wisdom.

Shri Ram Katha Highlighted God Realization in Samana, Punjab

 Sadhvi Ji magnificently explained that Lord Rama is infinite, his qualities are infinite, and the extent of his stories is also limitless. Lord Rama is a symbol of courage and virtue, with great regard for values and morals. Sadhvi Ji revealed that Lord Rama followed the path of Eternal Truth and righteousness and directed his devotees towards it. According to him, Dharma(righteousness) is the most important thing in the World, through which truth is established.

 Sadhvi Ji also articulated that only Eternal Truth binds each human to their sole purpose of life. Eternal means “that which is without beginning or end” or “everlasting” i.e., God, hence God is that Eternal truth through which any human being can attain salvation and make his life a great spiritual success. Sadhvi Ji explained that it is imperative to experience the Eternal truth which is the ultimate source of the divine within. To create everlasting relation with God, one first must-see God, and for that, we need the benevolent grace of the Perfect Spiritual Master.

Shri Ram Katha Highlighted God Realization in Samana, Punjab

Only a Perfect Spiritual Master like Lord Rama, along with the blessing of Divine-Knowledge can lead us on the path of righteousness. No matter how wise Ravana was, even with ten-headed intelligence, but being devoid of Eternal truth and without the grace of Spiritual Master, he became a victim of his own darkness and ego. Ravana’s knowledge and boon of immortality could not save him. Hence, ultimately, the victory of Truth and the defeat of adharma, immorality, deceit, falsehood, ego, and Maya are certain. The series of divine incidents enthused the minds of the audience and kept them engaged with the event for five-continuous days. The devotional songs inspired them all. There were many esteemed guests who marked their valuable presence and they all acknowledged the self-less and holy endeavours of DJJS.

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