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In context of the present situation around us, it seems hard to fathom that there was and there can be a time where the society and World at large is peaceful. This was the case when Lord Rama incarnated on to the Earth to exemplify idealism. An ideal society, ideal man, ideal son, ideal king and list are endless. The Good news is that once again, these kinds of efforts are bearing fruit and large section of society today is peaceful and helping others to be the same.

Shri Ram Katha, Re-Establishing Ram at Innate Conscious Level in Ludhiana, Punjab

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan established and run under the Mentorship of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, whose mission is to attain Global Peace, is working tirelessly in this direction. They are giving message to the society whether it is through spiritual Kathas, Bhajans, workshop, street play, conference, symposium etc. Recently, it organized a seven days Shri Ram Katha in Ludhiana, Punjab from 22th June to 26nd June 2016.

Shri Ram Katha, Re-Establishing Ram at Innate Conscious Level in Ludhiana, Punjab

Katha started with the chanting of 'Rudri Paath' which filled the surrounding with beatific vibes. Large number of devotees gathered to attend this peaceful and spiritual discourse. Several dignitaries also marked their presence at this event. Beyond the Ramayana, the 11,000 years of Rama's rule over the earth represent to millions of modern Indians, a time and age when God as a man ruled the world.

The Katha Orator, Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji (disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji) flawlessly narrated the Katha. She elaborated that “as a person, Rama personifies the characteristics of an ideal person (Purushottama). There was perfect justice and freedom, peace and prosperity. There were no natural disasters, diseases, ailments or ill-fortune of any nature on any living being. There were no sins committed in the world by any of his people. Always attentive and accessible to his people, the best example of perfect character and human conduct, he has been inspiring human beings for countless succeeding ages. During Rama's tenure as King, the people apparently had no locks on their doors as they feared no burglaries or other such misfortunes. Rama ruled the whole earth without using military force as all kings submitted themselves to him. For supreme sacrifices, and many other qualities, Rama is considered a ‘Maryada Purushottama’ or the best of upholders of Dharma, God in the form of an exemplary human. Even towards his enemies, Rama showed great nobility and virtue.”

The katha was supported by blissful spiritual songs that left the masses mesmerized. Further, the Katha orator said that the Soul, which is the part and parcel of the Supreme Soul, is an inexhaustible treasure of bliss; however, this perennial source of happiness can be harnessed only upon learning the real art of meditation i.e. “Divine Knowledge” through the Perfect Master of the time. Through this Eternal Technique we can practically experience and realize God, thereby making ourselves peaceful. Its multiplier effect can already be felt and it is DJJS’s endeavour to distribute it amongst everyone.

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