Who removes all types of adversity and agony of living beings; who bestows all types of favors, honors and wealth; by looking at whom, the world feels very pleased; to that Shri Rama, I bow again and again.

Shri Ram Katha Sows The Seed Of Spirituality Amongst The Masses Of Uttam Nagar, New Delhi

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), which is working under the guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Head & Founder, DJJS) recently organized seven days Shree Ram Katha at Uttam Nagar, New Delhi from 15th to 21st October 2016.

Shri Ram Katha Sows The Seed Of Spirituality Amongst The Masses Of Uttam Nagar, New Delhi

On the first day of the Katha, a Mangal Kalash Yatra was taken out. On all the days of the Katha a large number of people attended the spiritual discourses.

The Katha was narrated by the preacher disciple of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Sadhvi Deepika Bharti Ji who, in her discourses, beautifully recounted the Katha and explained that Rama was  an all-powerful leader, not only because he was a king, but because of his  noble endeavors  and his truth-based convictions. He performed his duties without any motivated desires.  He never spoke an untruth, He offered due respect to the learned and the elderly; the people adored Him, and He loved the people. Lord Rama is like a sheltering tree to the virtuous, an ultimate (supreme) refuge for the destitute and a protector of distressed. Rama and Sita have been leaders and role models of nobility in character for many thousands of generations. The learned Preacher went on to highlight the importance of the Katha and its relevance to the contemporary times. She further elaborated that Rama's life and journey is one of adherence dharma and it was studded with valuable teachings. He justified the importance of every phase of life beautifully and elaborated their true import and profundity.

Further, the Preacher explained that by truly understanding the essence of the Katha, one’s path is cleared to get blessed with “Divine Knowledge” i.e. Brahm Gyan, which is an Eternal Technique through which one can practically experience and realize God. When a person gets initiated into the eternal science of Self Realization (Brahm Gyan), he is equipped with the art of practically perceiving the light of his inner world and his conscience id kindled.  This results in the total transformation of his mindset because through the eye of soul, one gets the wisdom to choose the right and good in life and abjure negativities,

The Katha successfully delivered the message of spirituality and the process of achieving inner peace that would lead one to great heights of success in life.

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