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To ignite the torch of spiritual revolution amongst the masses and awaken them to supreme path of self-realization, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan under the ageis of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized a 5-Day Shri Ram Katha program from 14th to 18th May 2024 at Karnal, Haryana. Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji, learned and eloquent orator of the katha program unravelled the deepest hidden treasures of spirituality and facts related to the oldest saga of Supreme manifestation in human form. Thought stirring discourses and soul satiating melodious bhajans filled the atmosphere and hearts of devotees with divine vibrancy.

Shri Ram Katha transmits waves of Spirituality & devotion towards eternal form of Lord Ram at Karnal, Haryana

Sadhvi Ji explained about the time of Treta Yuga during the peak era of Ravana. Human minds were in the control of vices at extreme level, there were demons all around the planet spreading adharma (unrighteousness) for those handful of saints seeking spiritual progress, making their path a nightmare. It is said, that Ravana even controlled all nine planets and God of Death; in the pursuit of absolute dominance of the rule of darkness. Sadhvi Ji, in her concerned tone draws the parallel of the same condition of Treta Yuga with current scenario because the qualities that Ravana exhibited i.e. lust greed anger, attachments with materialistic possessions are profound and common even amongst the youngest of generation today. Looking at the statistics of crime, exploitation of nature, the breakdown of cultural fabric and least interest in the real spiritual quest, the present times appear as hopeless as was during era of Ravana.


Shri Ram Katha transmits waves of Spirituality & devotion towards eternal form of Lord Ram at Karnal, Haryana

Yet it is only then, when structures fail, societies fail, humankind’s collective efforts fail to uplift themselves, that the Supreme manifest in form of Perfect Master like Shri Ram. Lord Ram undertook two campaigns simultaneously i.e.- vowed to eliminate demons completely and other to spread the light of knowledge by bestowing upon the Supreme Knowledge of all – Brahm Gyan. Lord Ram transpired the unthinkable during that time i.e. establishing Ram Rajya (symbolic of highest virtues and knowledge) from extreme of Ravan era (symbolic of extreme negative vices and ignorance).

Sadhvi Ji further explained that in present times too, there is silent undercurrent of spiritual revolution unfolding by way of dissemination of same Supreme Knowledge amongst the seekers of truth by Perfect Master of this epoch His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. This transformation amongst devotees and beings following this path of truth will slowly bring ethical change in our society, country, and world thereon will realize the goal of World Peace.  Sadhvi Ji concluded with the clarion call for all those individuals who want to constructively contribute towards reinstating dharma in our society and world, to come and experience God within via the eternal science of Brahm Gyan.

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