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Every particle of this existence comes and fades away, what makes you think you are not next.

Shri Ram Kathamrit Filled Every Heart with Pious Love at Himachal Pradesh

So says Revered Gurudev H H Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. He states that every being that has come into existence on this earth will have to leave one day or the other. But, it depends on a person in what manner he does the same. Referring to the same message, a five-day Ram Katha was organized from 22nd to 26th April 2018 at Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji, devotee disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji was the orator of this pious Katha.

Shri Ram Kathamrit Filled Every Heart with Pious Love at Himachal Pradesh

Mangal Kalash yatra marked the beginning of the Ram Katha Amrit involving thousands of married women carrying Kalash on their heads while chanting Vedic mantras. Sadhvi Ji recited multiple anecdotes from Shrimad Ramcharitmanas. She mentioned the epic story of Jatayu, a vulture who played an important role in finding Ma Sita. While trying to save Ma Sita from Ravana, he did not think of his own life even once. He lost his life trying to save Ma Sita. Even though he knew that he is no match for Ravana, he did not give up and tried with all his might to save her. Jatayu is an ideal example of dedication of a disciple to his Lord. Jatayu, with all his Bhakti tried his best to help his Lord. In return the Lord also cared for him and performed his last rites.

Similarly, Sadhvi Ji said that a disciple should not think whether he is capable enough to perform his Lord’s command but should keep on trying to fulfill it till his last breath. She stated multiple such instances in the Katha while explaining the deep meaning behind each one of them. Every story in the katha carries a deep spiritual significance behind it, which is difficult to comprehend otherwise. Sadhvi Jayanti Ji urged that we also need to follow our Lord’s command and try to give our life a significance just the way Jatayu did.

The message of Brahm Gyan reverberated to the masses for understanding the deep significance of this life which is a gift to us by our Lord. The amalgamation of significant anecdotes and divine music mesmerized the audience. The devotee musicians held the attention of the audience through their divine music. The number of listeners increased with each passing day. The katha was concluded with Vedic Yagya witnessed by multiple chief guests and audience making it a huge success.

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