Under the auspicious guidance of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organised seven days Shri Ram Katha in Jalandhar, Punjab from 8th April to 14th April. Sadhvi Radhika Bharti Ji, daughter disciple of Gurudev Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, engaged the audience with her vibrant narration accompanied by enchanting bhajans.

Shri Ram's Divinity Emulated in Modern Times at Jalandhar, Punjab

Shri Ram Katha has been narrated and heard for ages. This shows the amount of faith and love towards personality of Lord Ram in the minds and hearts of people across generations. The personality Lord Ram had symbolises ideal societal values and human virtues.  It gives detail guidelines about every relation such as father-son, husband-wife, and teacher-student and between two brothers or friends.

Shri Ram's Divinity Emulated in Modern Times at Jalandhar, Punjab

This fascinates the listener, because every individual in the society is the centre of a web of relations in his personal space and feels the euphoria of an ideal relation marked by true love, sincerity and faith. In day to day activities he/she is always in search of such an ideal relationship and expects that the person with whom he/she is related to will carry the relation morally. This often leads to disappointment because of impurity in minds and hearts of an ordinary person marked by personal gains and ego.

It is a matter of enquiry to discover what made Lord Ram impeccable?

Lord Ram was an incarnation of the Divinity on the physical plane i.e. earth. Divinity is described as Sat-Chit-Ananda i.e. that which is True, Conscious and Blissful. It is only this immaculate embodiment of Divinity that makes Lord Rama a complete and perfect persona. And it is only when such Divinity is established in an ordinary person that he/she can exhibit ideal thoughts, actions and behaviour.

It is through the eternal science of spirituality called Brahm Gyan (divine knowledge), that a Perfect Master activates the Divinity which is innate in the disciple. After this, all the energy gets channelized towards engaging in the activities that are morally and ethically correct. As a result he/she begins to emulate Lord Ram in action by expressing the Divinity within in them. The Katha delivered the profound message of divine knowledge and invited people to be the part of the World peace mission.

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