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Religion is realization of God. This profound statement of Guru Ramakrishna Paramhans shook the soul of Narendra Nath (Later on became famous as Swami Vivekananda). He was dumbstruck at the thought of direct perception of Lord. He was longing for the same and when he stumbled upon this fact in front of him, he became restless to see the Lord.

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Urged to Realize God Practically in Pune, Maharashtra

The same knowledge, the same realization is provided by perfect master of today’s era, His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.  He and his divine knowledge are same as Guru Paramhansa but we don’t have the inkling of what it takes to be Vivekananda. To make people realize the worth of human garb and to spread this priceless knowledge, DJJS (organization founded by Shri Maharaj Ji) has been organizing innumerable spiritual events across the world. Shrimad Bhagwat Katha is one such spiritual event that enabled all to connect to the spirit within. Held from December 25th to 31st in Pune, Maharashtra, this event touched numerous hearts enriching their lives.

Sadhvi Vaishnavi Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Maharaj Ji, beautifully explained the in-depth spirituality that lies in the holy text. Lord Krishna, the incarnation of the Supreme, descended onto the earth for the mankind. He provides direction to the seekers by connecting them to their true self- the Atman. Sadhvi Ji addressed the audiences saying that in today’s world, there is devastation due to the wandered mindset of individuals.

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Urged to Realize God Practically in Pune, Maharashtra

She then explained that a focused mind can achieve all things that are otherwise known to be impossible. Sadhvi Ji stated that Brahm Gyan is the only technique that is known to intensify mind’s abilities by making it focused, as the light beam stays focused in order for it to penetrate through objects. Similarly, the mind penetrates through any goal when it is concentrated. Therefore, with the practice of this meditation, a disciple is able to accomplish all the goals.

The Audience were enthralled with the wisdom prevailed onto them. Additionally they were assured of the practical experience behind all the wisdom through the initiation into the Brahm Gyan meditation. Lord Krishna’s teachings hold true only when practiced fully in one’s life and true spirituality is the only means to do so.

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