Have faith in Guru, in his teachings, and in the surety that you can get free. Think day and night that this universe is zero, only God is. Have intense desire to get free.

Soul Sanctifying Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Dabwali Malko Ki, Punjab

- Swami Vivekananda 

Soul Sanctifying Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Dabwali Malko Ki, Punjab

In these times of uncertainties, confounded faith, grinding shackles of Maya; only true divine knowledge by a Perfect Master of the times, can replenish the human being with real values, faith, certainty of attaining truth, and bring back the lost glory of the soul.

Any vain sense of possessing any spiritual wisdom needs to be stripped off and a complete surrender to the guidance of Satguru can lead us towards salvation. Such humility will open the doors of spiritual enlightenment for us. Truth will never come into our minds so long as there will remain the faintest shadow of egotism. With the disciples’ complete surrender, the Guru nurtures him with His unfathomable love and casts out all the evils from his heart and fills it with love and compassion, thus laying the foundation of a peaceful society.

In order to channelize the divine energy and spirit in disciples, who have been chosen for a divine cause, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) organized a program of Monthly Spiritual Congregation on 1st April, 2018 at Dabwali Malko Ki, Punjab. The congregation began with heart filled and humble prayers into the lotus feet of the revered Master. Beautiful rendition of devotional and melodious bhajans tuned the devotees with their inner selves.

The preachers at the program shared their manifold experiences and blessings of our Perfect Master Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji and enlightened the attendees on the perennial essence of Guru Bhakti. The spiritual soul connect between a Guru and a disciple is one of eternal, unconditional divine love and friendship, bearing no taint of any selfishness. Many divine experiences of various disciples, comprising divine messages from His Holiness, were shared from the stage that left many teary eyed and hearts beaming with exuberance to attain the goals set by the Master.

The event was adorned with His divinity and grace and conveyed the message of imbibing all His teachings into ones character and behaviour. The program concluded on a high note and was followed by a community feast, where all the devotees sit together and eat, strengthening brotherhood, unity, self-less service and integrity in the society.

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