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Lord Krishna’s life was full of ups and down from onset till end. In Bhagvad Gita, he pronounced His purpose of descending on earth- it was to free the world from evil forces and re-establish faith in mankind. Being Lord Vishnu’s incarnation Himself, Lord Krishna could have easily fulfilled His purpose and left for His abode. However, he chose to live His life like a common person- embracing joys and sorrows of the material world. He set an example for eons to face life’s situations with courage.

Spiritual Bliss Experienced Amidst Whirlpool of Worldly Pleasure at Shri Krishna Katha held at Ludhiana, Punjab

DJJS organized a splendid Krishna Katha from 20th to 24th August, 2019 on the pious ground of Ludhiana, Punjab so that masses can be benefitted with the hidden treasures of Lord Krishna’s preaching. Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji, preacher disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (founder and convener of DJJS), along with her team spoke on all days of Katha persistently to explain the gist of Lord Krishna’s from a practical perspective. Sadhvi Ji, being well versed in Bhagwat Gita, articulated the meaning of verses with great finesse.

Spiritual Bliss Experienced Amidst Whirlpool of Worldly Pleasure at Shri Krishna Katha held at Ludhiana, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji further said death is an inevitable truth of this world and it is the only event which is common to every living creature. Lord Krishna has said in Gita that the one who has lived a righteous life indifferent to gains and losses that life had offered, sails through the event of death and reaches the creator. His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji had once said- for a life it is neither the birth date nor the death date that is important rather one’s actions in between these two dates which makes one great. It is not about how many years one lives, but what one does in those years, count.

In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna supported the Pandavas in all their tough times as they were in the path of uprightness. Lord Krishna had advised them not to take up anarchism though they had been driven out of their houses unlawfully. He guided and mentored them to stay composed even amidst turmoil, for the one who comes out victorious after passing through struggles, lives a fulfilled life and earns the love of God. Lord Krishna had said to Pandavas that God is always with the one who trust His ways. Base of trust is established through practicality. Through the chapters of Gita, Lord Krishna explained the philosophy of life to Arjuna but Arjuna remained confused. It’s when Lord Krishna practically demonstrated his real self and supreme consciousness only then Arjuna was able to perceive with clarity. It’s only after practical experience that Arjuna could perform his worldly duties well.

In current times, H.H Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has imparted Brahm Gyan to millions of devotees across the world. With the power of this knowledge or Brahm Gyan, an individual accentuates one’s potential and can grow spiritually. With constant practice of Brahm Gyan based meditation, a person realizes the importance of Karma and faces challenges with ease.

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