In association with Delhi Defenders & Delhi Lions Rugby Football Club, the two most developing sports - American Football & Rugby were initiated

Sports Extravaganza for Manthanites

Sports day was celebrated with much contentment and fervour on the 28th of August 2015 at Manthan SVK, Dwarka, New Delhi. On this special day, Manthan SVK in association with Delhi Defenders & Delhi Lions Rugby Football Club introduced American Football & Rugby to the students. This unification was done with a sole purpose of uplifting the need of physical fitness in our daily life along with having a professional exposure in the sports. Over 75 students enthusiastically emerged to take part in the initiative and they were so overwhelmed that this two hour activity seemed to be 'too short time' as the students wanted it to last longer.

Sports Extravaganza for Manthanites

The coach and volunteers on the day were:- Mr Adesh Kumar, President & Head coach - Delhi Lions Rugby Football Club and Head Coach – Delhi Defenders,  Mr Pranay Kumar, Coach- Delhi Defenders (American Football Professional team), Mr Kaushal Vir, Coach(Juniors) - Delhi Lions Rugby Football Club and Mr Mohit Sharma, Secretary - Delhi Lions Rugby Football Club.

Special thanks to our special guests Mr. Sushil Sharma and Dr. Sharmishta - Head SAM consultant and Mr. KK Singh vice president of Shahide Azam Bhagat Singh Brigade. They were bewildered by witnessing the Manthan SVK students doing sports so ardently.

All the kids benefited from this sports day campaign and enjoyed the different sporting event that included warm up exercises followed by introduction of American Football & Rugby. With support of Delhi Defenders & Delhi Lions Rugby Football Club, both sports will be coached to the students every week. After Manthan SVK, Dwarka, ND, the clubs extends support and are willing to spread the initiative in all Manthan SVKs in Delhi-NCR.

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