School is the first stepping-stone in the life of a child, wherein a child encounters educational, social & sentimental challenges. Looking at it the other way round, it is the stage when raw minds can be nurtured and sense of righteousness is inculcated. The learning at school develops the mindset of child for lifetime and is responsible for his/her social & moral behaviour. Inferring to this, DJJS, under the banner of its Gender Equality Program-Santulan commemorated National Girl Child Day 2015 in schools across the country to change students’ perspectives about gender based biases, crack the myths they have envisaged, and sensitize them not to stifle and take pride in being a girl child.

STOP Gender Stereotyping propagated by Santulan on NGCD 2015

To deliver encouraging and elucidating message about misconceptions, "Gender stereotyping and its Repercussions" was the theme this year. Lecture on gendering of work, declaration of male as stronger sex, consideration of girl child as a liability and many other such stereotypes that have lead to false value creation, was delivered by DJJS representatives. Heart touching poems by girl students, and sensitizing demonstrations and lectures by Sadhvi Gender Trainers expressing the grief of a girl child suffering from inequality kept the momentum high. The program was concluded with the distribution of organization's publications to the student and teachers as mementoes.

STOP Gender Stereotyping propagated by Santulan on NGCD 2015

After the program was over, a quick discussion on gender-based discrimination and its repercussions was done with the teachers. The teachers appreciated the organization's effort in demystifying the gender-based misconceptions in the minds of students as well as teachers, and requested to organize more of such informative sessions in their school.

The day was commemorated by DJJS branches across the country. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, head & founder of DJJS is making every possible endeavour to attain the aim of a gender just society, where girl child is welcomed, valued and respected.

National Girl Child Day, better termed as the day of National Observance to Save Girl Child is commemorated every year by Santulan – the Gender Equality program of DJJS to propagate among the society.

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