No doubt India is advancing at a fast pace in terms of science and technology, but the grass root level is not so pleasant when it comes to value for girl child. Due to this low importance, her death, rather murder does not even raise an eyebrow. Ironically, all this happens in a country where a girl was considered as an incarnation of Goddess ‘Laxmi’.

Striving Hard for Abolition of Female Feticide

Taking into consideration the need of the hour, DJJS is organizing "awareness walks" as a campaign against sex selective abortions. DJJS Gorakhpur, making an addition to it, organized an awareness-generating rally in Deoria, a small district of Uttar Pradesh on August 6, 2014 under its gender equality program, "Santulan".

Striving Hard for Abolition of Female Feticide

The rally was inaugurated by Smt Alka Singh, Nagar Nigam Adhyaksh, Deoria. She recognized and appreciated the incessant efforts being made by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) across India and offered her support for further actions. The walk started from Kali mandir and covered civil line, Malviya road, Motilal road and Chandrika Chhatrawas.

Post the event, the attendees gathered to discuss the matter in length and breadth. A discourse was delivered by panel members highlighting the consequential attribute of female feticide. Despite of its devastating impact on society on the whole, female feticide is rampant and the sex ratio is getting worse.

The 3-hours walk witnessed approximately 800 attendees that include women and girls of local area, and DJJS volunteers. The participants headed forward holding posters and banners with awareness messages written.

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