Ludhiana. “The future of earth lies in awakening and empowerment of the young custodians of the earth towards their environmental responsibility”.

Students of Govt. Senior Sec. School, Ludhiana join the MEMR Sanrakshan City Brigade

Upholding this principle DJJS Sanrakshan led My Earth My Responsibility Ludhiana Chapter organised a Sanrakshan Pathshala at Government Sr. Sec. School, Bhai Randhir Singh Colony, Ludhiana on 23 Feb 2015. One and half hour session started with chanting of the ancient Indian Shanti Mantra seeking the holy Lord to bestow peace to the ever wandering human mind- the root cause of all chaos. 

Students of Govt. Senior Sec. School, Ludhiana join the MEMR Sanrakshan City Brigade

Emphasizing the fact that human action stands at the core of all environmental degradation, MEMR Nature Conservator made students revisit their own daily activities at school, home and playground highlighting their impacts on environment.

Amazed by the revelation a student said, “I never knew that regular activities of Handwashing and brushing could contribute to so much wastage of water.”

While the first half of the workshop focused on highlighting the ill- effects of human action on environment, the latter half  emphasized  on  the environmentally responsible living mantra of REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE.

Through activities and analogies the students were sensitized on adopting this mantra in their daily living to save earth’s precious resources.

All excited to do their bit towards mother earth, in the end, the newly sensitized young lot pledged to shoulder their environmental responsibility and be an active part of MEMR Sanrakshan City Brigade.

Through its student environment sensitization initiative, DJJS Sanrakshan MEMR Ludhiana Chapter has not only sensitized but consolidated thousands of children of the city into a powerful Sanrakshan City Brigade leading the environment conservation movement in the city.

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