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Nowadays when everyone is in quest of mortal happiness and becoming more self-centred, the call of the hour is directly opposite i.e. to provide selfless service to fellow humans in order to make the world a better place to live in. This selfless service can only be done when the mind concentrates on the Divine. All our ancient scriptures are full of divine teachings and great thoughts; they can change human minds for good. However, we turn a blind eye to the real message hidden in them.

Sunderkand Path Enlightened Masses with the Wisdom of Brahm Gyan at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

The scriptures are not merely stories of fiction but these were written by the self-awakened and self-realized sages who wanted entire humanity to benefit from their spiritual experiences. All the scriptures talk about attaining the divinity within (Divine Knowledge), which only a realised and Perfect Master can bestow upon us. Spirituality is the gateway to dive deep into oneself, to discover ultimate peace within, where all the treasures lie, as the kingdom of God resides within us.

Sunderkand Path Enlightened Masses with the Wisdom of Brahm Gyan at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

With this purpose of imbibing the supreme essence of Divinity within, Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association (GCHCA) organized Sunderkand Path Programme in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia on 19th April, 2019 where DJJS was invited for presenting their views on the later. The entire narration of Sunderkand was done in English language leaving no language barriers. The protagonist of the Sunderkand is Lord Shri Hanuman and here his adventures are narrated. Shri Hanuman was called Sundar (the beautiful one) by his mother Anjani. Through the narration of the deeds of Shri Hanuman, Sage Valmiki (the writer of the Ramayana) conveys to the listener the importance of faith in one’s Master (like Shri Hanuman has in Shri Ram), the necessity of being a good human being (as opposed to the people of Lanka), and dedication to one’s task (Shri Hanuman’s single-mindedness in finding Devi Sita). The programme highlighted the message Let’s be Human. The storyline of Lanka with its residents was compared with fallen humanity in terms of values and culture. With the case of devout Shri Hanuman, the devotees were inspired to restrike the lost human balance as in the Vedic times.

The Katha Orator Sadhvi Deepika Bharti Ji beautifully explained the life-directing teachings from Sunderkand and given practical examples to exhibit the importance of spirituality and its connection with our everyday life. The audience was thankful to the organization for providing soul stirring experience.

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