With the impending onset of winters, Manthan SVK took the initiative to organise an event on 24th Nov, 2016 to distribute sweaters, socks and other winter clothes to the students at Ludhiana centres of Punjab state.

Sweater Distribution at Manthan SVK centers in Ludhiana, Punjab

The students and their families lacked the resources and means to fulfil their basic requirements, one of which is woollen clothing for winters. To address this problem, Manthan SVK organized the distribution of warm clothes and sweaters to nearly 180 children and their parents.

Sweater Distribution at Manthan SVK centers in Ludhiana, Punjab

The generous sponsors appreciated the talents of the students and also distributed bags to the meritorious students who excelled in studies and curricular activities and also expressed appreciation for the efforts made by the Manthan SVK program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan.
Preachers from DJJS, Sadhvi Kalindi Bharti, Sadhvi Rajni Bharti and Sadhvi Somprabha Bharti elaborated varied projects undertaken by Manthan SVK for the welfare and growth of needy children during the event.  

The chief guests and sponsors, Mr.Jagdish Bhandari and Mrs.Vandana Bhandari, greatly appreciated the presentations in the form of dance, music, art and craft, paintings etc. made by the students and awarded cash prizes for the same. They also appreciated the selfless and rigorous efforts put in by Manthan SVK program for the holistic growth of children. Mrs.Vandana Bhandari, a lecturer by profession, also showed keen interest in volunteering for the different activities undertaken by the program.

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