Take Flight and Embrace your Divine Inner Self.....is the essence of all religious scriptures


“We come into the mortal world like paupers - begging, pleading and imploring. THEY descend on Earth as bountiful Lords. We arrive as bereaved children. THEY come as redeemers. We are like stalk, rocking back and forth. THEY descend; well rooted in their whole plan and don’t deviate an inch from their goal.”

To render such Divine knowledge in its quintessential aspect, to transform the torn and tormented humanity, DJJS organised a five days spiritual programme with the exclusive theme “Shri Ramcharitmanas Vivechana” from 17 September to 21 September 2014. Mr. Ganesh Singh Joshi, MLA- Mussoorie, Uttarakhand was our Chief Guest of the evening who was truly enthralled after witnessing the programme.

Renowned Preachers of DJJS, Sadhvi Deepankara Bharti Ji and Kamakhya Bharti Ji discussed about Lord Rama’s advent on Earth which aimed at the re-establishment of the Truth. They also discussed about the life struggle of another such truth seeker “Meera”, an ardent devotee of Lord Shri Krishna. The devoted disciples of Shri Maharaj ji diligently carried the sublime essence of Holy Scriptures to the drought-ridden hearts of humankind.

At the last, Swami Shivanand Ji summarised the event by declaiming that DJJS provides solutions for the mind-boggling issues at the individualistic-level and also for the crisis confronted at the societal-level.

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