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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan under the supreme guidance of Divya Guru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized an invigorating event of Devotional Concert on 05th May 2024, at Una, Himachal Pradesh by Hoshiarpur (Punjab) Branch. Series of meaningfully composed, inspirational, and melodious bhajans transcended attendees deep into the ocean of spirituality. Eloquent speaker Sadhvi Rupeshwari Bharti Ji addressing the audience with utmost exuberance and faith on the practical experience of God, propelled everyone to experience the real music of divine within one’s own self.  Brahm Gyan- the eternal technique of self realisation, is the only way to true devotion opening up the gates to hidden treasures of peace, happiness, and wisdom. When the perfect master opens the subtle third eye, seeker receives the direct perception of Divine Light present within each of us and get presented to one’s infinite self.

The Divine euphony rendered at Devotional Concert satiated parched hearts in Una, Himachal Pradesh

Sadhvi Ji further explained that nature is filled with music everywhere and we also have material ways of creating music, however all that outside music is just the symbolism of inner divine music that is present in every human being. This divine music which is called ‘Anhad Naad’, is eternal and a means of communion with Lord. A Brahm Gyan initiated alone, with the eternal technique of Mediation can dive into the depths of subtle world; beyond the realms of physical form, can experience tranquility of that divine music at soul level. Such divinity alone can bring wondrous transformations extending it to society, nation, and world thereon.

Today is the time which requires individuals who are laden with virtuous character to work together to revive the torn and tormented humanity, and inspire every soul to adopt the path of truth and spirituality i.e. Brahm Gyan and make the use of this rare Human birth. That Guru, who can show Divine to a seeker within, regardless of any physical ability and beyond the use of senses alone is termed as Perfect Master in our scriptures. The true knowledge bestowed by such master acts as the sacred protective shield against vices and material bondages for a devotee as well as a sacred stairway to rise towards liberation (moksha).

The Divine euphony rendered at Devotional Concert satiated parched hearts in Una, Himachal Pradesh

The event of devotional concert provided a profound insight on need to search for true spiritual Guru and how to identify one based on scriptural readings. The program concluded by urging the audience to seek such spiritual path. Attendees were deeply mesmerized and commendable towards the efforts of DJJS. 

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