The people of Kurukshetra got the opportunity to enjoy the eternal bliss & divine power at the 5 day Mega event of Shri Ram Katha. The Katha was organized by Krukshetra branch of DJJS at Shiv Mandir Dharamshala, Andheriya Bagh, Radhour (YNR) from 9th Sep’15 to 13 Sep’15. Around 1000-1500 people from adjoining areas gathered to witness this ultimate grandeur.

The enchanting Shri Ram Katha in Kurukshetra transports the audience to Treta Yug

Sadhvi Sachi Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Founder and Head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), flawlessly recited the Katha, and covered major portions of Ramcharitmanas. The chief guests of the Katha were Shyam Singh Rana, MLA-Radour (YNR); Dr Rishipal Saini , Owner, Hemnet Sewa Samiti; Gyan Chand Sharma-Chairman; Shanti Dev, Principal -B.Ed College (Radour); Lekh Raj, Secretary –Transportation, Radour (YNR); Shiv Om, Chairman -Shivam Institute; Satpal, Samaj Sewi-Radour.                              

The enchanting Shri Ram Katha in Kurukshetra transports the audience to Treta Yug

The Katha Orator explained with innumerable examples of LORD Rama’s life, that his entire life was changed by one single event where HE fulfilled his Father’s promise. Such is the power of words given to someone. By doing so, Lord Rama sent a message to entire humankind, however if we look at the condition today; we are not what we say. Today’s materialistic people keep on boasting about themselves, but the truth is we have become selfish and self-centred. We are so materialistic that we don’t even hesitate to question/ignore our rich culture and rituals. Even we try to judge the Leela of Lord Ram and end up making a fun of it – this happens many-a-time because most of us have lost the wisdom and that divine guidance of Sadguru.

Sadhvi Ji reiterated that Ram Katha is not merely a story of Lord Ram; rather it is a guiding light for the entire mankind. Each action of Lord Ram, whom Maharaj Ji rightfully terms as the ‘Right Action Man-RAM’, holds a deep-rooted meaning that enlightens a believer’s path.

In Treta Yug also evil prevailed, mankind was besieged with demonic forces which Lord Ram witnessed and took a vow to rid mankind of. He lawfully performed all his duties, as a son, husband, brother and above all a perfect king. He laid the foundation of “Ram Rajya”. Again, Lord Ram’s exile may seem full of misery to the materialistic eye, however, a spiritual eye recognizes the myriad context it holds. Its relevance is obvious when Lord Ram finally defeated Ravana and liberated Sita.

Sadhvi Ji also explained the purpose behind the recitation of Katha that is Braham Gyan (Divine knowledge). It is an eternal technique through which we can practically experience and realise god. The audience was full of divine emotions and the beautiful bhajans and background music caught the fancy of all the viewers.

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