Every generation imparts their basic understanding of what’s good and what’s bad to the younger generation. Or, in other words one might say, they pass on their moral values that make life satisfactory yet dignified at the same time to the next generation. But what exactly are the moral values that offer a person a way out of the mess that life sometimes become? What are the values that make an individual wise enough to choose not just between the good and bad but also between the greater good and lesser one, along with being able enough to understand the difference between the two as well. Sadhvi Rajwinder Bharti Ji, with the grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji {founder and head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS)}, discussed these issues and provided a concrete solution to them in a lecture organized by the Rotary Club, Nawanshahr, Punjab on 15th October 2017.

It is said that an individual must never do anything that harms another person or any other being unless that individual’s own life is in danger because of the actions of others. But even in such a situation that individual must only try to save him/herself. And furthermore, every individual’s intention must always be to do good deeds for others and not just for her/himself. All actions of every single human must be in that direction. However, Sadhvi Ji said that even when it is possible to be good to others, when even there is no hardship or challenges in life, humans have the tendency to only do good for themselves. In our quest for comfort and the fulfilment of our very ambitions we humans have stopped doing anything for others.

Deeds provoke thoughts. Thoughts create intentions. Intentions lead to actions. Humans, in their effort to realize their thoughts in the real world, work with lot of dedication; although often forgetting whether their actions will bring them desired happiness or not. And, even if their actions do bring happiness, humans move on to do something other due to their short attention span. Well, the trajectory of life on earth is such that at one point of time or at another, one among those myriad of wishes will not get fulfilled and it is in these circumstances the power of right moral values helps. Values that make a human give more importance to health and peace over everything else. Values that make the human hold on to life and not give up even in the face of adversities. Sadhvi Ji said that this could be achieved even in today’s world, a world in which various values are clashing constantly resulting in the creation of a mirage. This is only possible if humans attain that sacred method which allows them to make decisions leading to not just peaceful outer world but a peaceful inner world as well. That sacred method is Brahm Gyan- the ancient technique of enlightenment, passed on through the ages by a true spiritual Master to the human disciples seeking peace within. It is that knowledge which makes humans protect and nurture life of their own and that of others in all situations.  Sadhvi Ji concluded the lecture by inviting the present audience to achieve this knowledge of Brahm Gyan so as to lead a life filled with moral values that benefit them and others in the society. In this endeavour the gates of DJJS as always open for the seeker.

The Guiding Source of Life: Inspirational Lecture on the Power of Moral Values at Nawanshahr, Punjab

The Guiding Source of Life: Inspirational Lecture on the Power of Moral Values at Nawanshahr, Punjab

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