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Guru (true spiritual teacher) comes to earth to heal the lost peace of the individual’s soul. He/ she take birth to reconnect the individual to the true form of life force of this universe. The Guru overcomes every obstacle to reach out to the disciple. He/ she find the ignorant soul and bring them to the spiritual path. With his/ her every deed, be it in words or actions, the Guru shows the disciple the way to live a pious life. With his/ her very being, the Guru personifies the possibility of a life that is able to salvage any individual from the cycle of birth and death. With his/ her grace the Guru enlightens the disciple and imparts the most precious knowledge, i.e., the Brahm Gyan.

The Healing Love of Guru Sealed Fragmented Hearts at Monthly Spiritual Congregation, Rajasthan

 Brahm Gyan is the key to solve every problem an individual faces in this life and the next. However, even after the attainment of such a divine knowledge, a disciple can wander off in directions not suitable for his/ her spiritual growth. For this purpose, like every month, a devotional congregation to fulfill the spiritual thirst of all the disciples of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji was held at Jaipur, Rajasthan on 11th November 2018.  This month the theme of discussion was love for Guru as the most potent solution to the wavering mind.

The Healing Love of Guru Sealed Fragmented Hearts at Monthly Spiritual Congregation, Rajasthan

 DJJS Representative while explaining the importance of love for Guru said that love gives way to a serene state of mind. Love makes a disciple become gentle in his/ her words and actions. Filled with love, any disciple can push aside the harness of others. With love for Guru, the disciple is able to nourish only the beneficial aspects of life. The disciple, then, begins to work towards overcoming selfish and harmful behavior, and thereby, begins to live for the greater good. The disciple comes to acknowledge the fact that his/ her Guru exists for a cause. The Guru never asks anything for himself/ herself but for the good of all. In this way, the disciples who are able to walk the path of spirituality can walk for the cause bigger than them. Love, hence asserted Sadhvi Ji, becomes a prayer in motion; a prayer that guides the disciple in every possible way. 

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