26th January, a significant day of Indian history was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect by the team of Antarkranti, (an initiative of DJJS), and the officers at District Magistrate Office, Meerut. The venue embraced the patriotism of 200 officers and the august presence of Dinesh Chand (SDM), Gaurav Mishra (SDM), Sadhvi Lokesha Bharti (DJJS Representative), Sadhvi Ambika Bharti (DJJS Representative), Keshav Kumar (City Magistrate), Arvind Kumar (ACM), Isha Dohan (ACM) and Divya Mittal (ACM).

The Inestimable Value of Freedom Reverberates the Hearts of Officers in Meerut

Antarkranti, with its multifaceted approach pursued men & women in uniform this time, who have shouldered the responsibility to make our society better, safe and organised.

The Inestimable Value of Freedom Reverberates the Hearts of Officers in Meerut

Sadhvi Lokesha Bharti, DJJS representative, conveyed an impressive message on true freedom. The message of freedom evolving from within was put forth in a great way. The venue echoed with patriotic slogans when a small play was performed by the DJJS volunteers displaying the devotion and dedication of the freedom fighters towards our motherland, Bharat. It even depicted the innumerable hardships faced by these real heroes of the nation. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”, was the great message that was conveyed.

The program enlightened the audience on how a prisoner’s mind can be transformed and put to constructive use. The potentiality of corrected mindsets in creating a progressive & prosperous nation was unveiled. Antarkranti reports and work was also shared with the delegates.

The event was undoubtedly a big success. All the officers thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the event conducted by Antarkranti. The ADM and DM rewarded the DJJS volunteers for their immense hard work and applauded them for the enlightening performance.

 “Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.”

This popular phrase by Ronal Reagen aptly sums up the essence of the event.

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