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Land of Hoshiarpur, Punjab was blessed immensely when DJJS organized pious Shri Ram Katha to awaken the masses towards their spiritual and social responsibilities. With abundant grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Shri Ram Katha started with Kalash Yatra spreading the divine message of global peace. Katha began from 18th March 2019 and ended on 24th March 2019. Program was an exemplary example of selfless service done for betterment of society.

The Lucid Narration of Shri Ram Katha Instilled Power of Meditation Amongst Masses at Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Shri Ram Katha was orated by Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji. She explained the condition of society and saints in Treta Yug before arrival of Sri Ram Ji and compared it with Kalyug. There was not much of a difference. She mentioned that Yug Purush always comes with aim to spread divine knowledge that leads to spiritual awakening. Shri Ram portrayed the perfect example of how to manage relationships. He not only sacrificed his life for his family but for society too.

The Lucid Narration of Shri Ram Katha Instilled Power of Meditation Amongst Masses at Hoshiarpur, Punjab

In her eloquent discourse, Sadhvi Ji said that the divine power incarnates on earth to re-establish true religion which is realization of divinity within oneself. Divinity bestowed upon earth in the form of Lord Ram at a time when there was chaos all around created by the demons and demon king Ravana. Ravana and the other demons were too overwhelmed with their arrogance and had tortured numerous women all over and outside their territory. They had made the lives of commoners very tough and miserable. Life of Lord Ram was symbolic of triumph of honesty over cruelty. Truth comes out victorious even if it has to go through trying situations.

Sadhvi Ji said that Lord incarnates not just to kill the sinners and establish peace and bliss on earth but also to give His pious company to all devotees and true lovers of the divine. Citing the story of Mother Shabari, who had to wait for long years before Lord Ram blessed her with her august visit, Sadhvi Ji said, Lord Ram had set an example on this earth that true love and devotion are always equally reciprocated though sometimes the reciprocation may be delayed. Lord Ram is also the pioneer of the principles of women empowerment. He had vowed to have a single wife in His lifetime though those times it was a norm to marry multiple women. He empowered Ahilya and rejuvenated her life with the grace of Divine Knowledge or Brahm Gyan.

Ram Rajya even to this day, is popularly known as a place where righteousness and justice prevailed where nation’s interest and dignity was prioritized over self-interest and family comfort.

Shri Ram Katha, conducted by DJJS at frequent intervals, brings out the meditative strength (based on Brahm Gyan) that can make one develop hidden potential and lead to path of right actions as shown by Lord Ram.

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