“Grant me the knowledge of my Guru. Which path makes an embodied one live in the knowing of HIS self? Lord, bestow your grace upon me; here I am, bowing at your feet.”

The Monthly Spiritual Congregation

This is what a disciple always prays at the holy-lotus feet of his revered Gurudev.

The Monthly Spiritual Congregation

The Guru is THE Absolute, The one and the All. This is the truth. Without a Guru, all rituals, donations, mantras, holy vows, penances and austerities are a waste. The Guru and the self are not distinct. Thus, the wise one makes effort to find the True Guru and attain that state.

If one wants to attain the ultimate blissful state in his lives then he has to search for the Perfect Master of the time and if he finds difficulty in searching such a revered spiritual master, he is warmly welcome at Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, a non-profit and spiritual organization, headed and founded by the true spiritual master HIS Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji.

For connecting the true seekers of truth with the divinity and importance of a true Guru, the organization conducted a grand monthly gathering at Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab on July 12, 2015.

The event started with devotee congregators of Maharaj Ji pouring into the event in huge numbers. Various devotional bhajans were sung to unite everyone’s mind. Melody and the rhythm engaged everyone to lose in its divinity. Disciples of our revered Gurudev- Sadhvi Ji presented valuable, wise and thought provoking ideas and views to inspire to change positively. The teaching of the Guru isn’t just to read but also to absorb it and live with it, which was the essence of program.

These insightful thoughts inspired each of them to imbibe those valuable wisdom bites for having a life-changing experience as the golden chance arrives seldom.  

In the end, congregators enjoyed the feast together which is a symbol of unity and integrity of the organization.

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