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 God can be seen, and we must see Him. To convey this timeless message of the necessity of divine knowledge (Brahm Gyan), DJJS held a day event at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on 18th September 2021. The event began with the Vedic mantra chanting, followed by melodious devotional songs.  A comprehensive spiritual discourse by the disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, founder, and head of DJJS, on the sacred Bhagwat Gita with a focus on chapter XI beautifully brought out the theme of the event to audiences' attention. The theme of the discussion was about human life's primary purpose, i.e., the importance of attainment of divine knowledge for the removal of fear.

The Path to an Enlightened-Self Reiterated at Brisbane, Australia

Arjuna, overwhelmed by the fear of being called a murderer of his evil cousins, the Kauravas on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, turns numb. Seeing his condition, Lord Shri Krishna reveals the ancient science of divine knowledge and removes his fear. This episode has survived in the form of the text Bhagwat Gita to this day. The reason is the description of Lord Shri Krishna's Vishwa Roopa (Divine Universal form) in the eleventh chapter. Lord Shri Krishna does not merely talk about the essence of his Divine Form but shows it to Arjuna. Witnessing of Lord Shri Krishna's divinity transforms scared Arjuna into a fearless warrior, who not only wins the Kurukshetra battle but also the battle of life.

The Path to an Enlightened-Self Reiterated at Brisbane, Australia

Arjuna's triumph was the direct result of Brahm Gyan bestowed upon him by Lord Shri Krishna. But did Arjuna do nothing to keep the fire of this knowledge fierce within? He did, and the strategy he employed was complete devotion toward Lord Shri Krishna's divine form. Devotion for the divine is more empowering than devotion to a mortal can ever be. Devotion cuts through the attachment for the mortal world and helps gain insight that essentially uplifts the individual. The disciples of DJJS demonstrated this feature through a skit on the ancient story of Lord Shri Krishna's other disciple Uddhava. Enlightened Uddhava regarded divine knowledge as supreme and devotion secondary. But Lord Shri Krishna wanted to show Uddhava the facts that without devotion, divine knowledge can make an individual arrogant. For this purpose, Lord Shri Krishna sent Uddhava to Brij with a letter for the Gopis. Uddhava did as told. But when he arrived in Brij, he found that the Gopis were not sad about Lord Shri Krishna's physical absence but rather were in a state of tranquillity. Uddhava asked them the reason for this. They said that it is because they are in perpetual divine connection with the Lord through devotion. Uddhava realized his mistake, returned to Lord Shri Krishna, and sought forgiveness. In this manner, Lord Shri Krishna helped Uddhava understand the pertinence of divine knowledge in addition to devotion. This eternal message of Lord Shri Krishna is for all of us too, and through this event, DJJS reiterated the same.  Divine knowledge bestowed by a true Guru (spiritual teacher), along with pure devotion, is the only key to a peaceful inner and outer world.

The event was highly appreciated by the honourable guests who concluded it with their special words for DJJS’s socio-spiritual efforts. The speeches by VIP guests included those of Cr. Angela Owen (Counsellor, Brisbane City Council), OAM Umesh Chandra (CEO, Chantex Pty Ltd.), Mr. Rakesh Sharma (President, GOPIO Brisbane), Mr. Parveen Gupta (Solicitor, TONIO Lawyers), and Mr. Tonio Thomas (Principal, TONIO Lawyers). The event ended with the distribution of prasadam (devotional edible offering).

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