With the divine grace of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the founder and head of socio-spiritual non-profit organization, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, various monthly congregations are held from the northern most tip of India to the southern coasts, all across the nation. The devotees join together at these monthly spiritual congregations to reconnect, replenish, and recharge themselves. Brahm Gyan technique of self-realization granted by His Holiness is being practiced throughout the country as well as the world. Above photographs are glimpses of some of the programs held at different branches of the organization during the September month. 

The September Spiritual Congregations Galvanize the Entire Nation!

This month, the congregations were held at Dabwali Malko Ki (DMK), Punjab, Gorakhpur (UP), Aligarh (UP), Saraipalli (Chhatisgarh), Rudrapur (Uttarakhand). Almost, the entire nation dived in the deep pools of devotion via spiritual gatherings. Disciples of all ages partake in the inspirational discourses as well as the motivational musical performances presented by the dedicated preachers. It is the message delivered, the vibrations resonated, and the energy emitted by these assemblies that help individual learners trend on the spiritual path. Each disciple takes mental notes to be able to further succeed while praying to the Sadguru for closeness to the Lord and the progression towards the ultimate goal of salvation. All hail victory in the Lord’s lotus feet feeling the jolts of energy within and beyond. 

The youth is seen working gallantly at all programs making such communions possible. From the preparations to the clean-up, the youth works day and night achieving beautifully conducted programs. Witnessing the display of such devotion, selflessness, and pure love, one can say this is what spiritual India is known for to the world. Today also, due to the incessant grace of His Holiness, entire India is reverberating in the saffron colored devoutness that many other nations lack. 

The programs are followed by the community feast in which all devotees enjoyed a hygienic healthy meal prepared right at each ashram.

The September Spiritual Congregations Galvanize the Entire Nation!


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