The torch bearers of rigorous activism against gender based violence set tone of awakening in Pathardi after Latur in Maharashtra


Pathardi: Violence against women is no more hidden behind doors and has become a worldwide social concern. It has reached to an extent that a day is particularly marked to pledge to eliminate violence against women. In the 16 days awareness drive startled by DJJS in association with the UN’s ‘Orange the World’ campaign against gender based violence; another mass sensitization walk was organized under the gender equality program 'Santulan' of DJJS by Pathardi centre of the organization in Maharashtra on November 29, 2015.

The event began with a dialogue between DJJS panellists, Sadhvi Nemlata Bharti Ji, Sadhvi Smita Bharti Ji, Sadhvi Prashma Bharti Ji & Sadhvi Sarita Bharti Ji, and women invited from nearby localities wherein a discussion was held on the fading glory of womanhood resulting in deterioration of their social status. Sadhvi Nemlata Bharti Ji by means of a sensitizing lecture accentuated violence as the consequence majorly of gender based discrimination that limits a woman’s social growth. “Parents of girls, rather than reminding them of their gender every single moment, need to walk an extra mile to make their daughters a conscious, responsible and independent citizen” said Sadhvi Ji.

One of the participants cum beneficiary of Santulan shared her experience and journey from a victim of violence to a sensitized and empowered peer educator with great pride. Ms. Mangaltai Kokate and Ms. Jyotitai Borude, renowned Nagarsevika of Nagar Parishad, graced the program with their presence and active participation.

Post the interactive session, the chief guests hoisted the campaign flag saying "Nari ka sammaan, Vishva ka utthan" and inaugurated the rally. It set forth from Shani Mandir with hundreds of enthusiastic female participants and covered Main Peth, Ajentha Chowk, Naik Chowk, Sai Complex on its way. The participants walked on roads briskly and tirelessly for 3-hours howling the slogans to sensitize people to welcome girl child as a god's blessing instead of asking the gender at the outset. Towards the end, the participants took a pledge not to let the spirit of women status upliftment end after the 16 days campaign.

About Santulan

Santulan is the Gender Equality program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan that is working for the elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against the female gender; through advocacy and holistic empowerment of wo

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