Meerut: Uttar Pradesh, overall, is witnessing rampant female feticide, demanding proximate attention and action. The said is supported by the dip in number of girls in the age group of 0-6 from 916 to 902 between 2001-2011 census period. Realizing the gravity of issue of steep decline in number of girls in the city, DJJS has been conducting awareness generating activities and workshops across the nation with groups of girls, women and men to inculcate the sense of equality between the two genders. In the same series, a dedicated women empowerment drive named as ‘walk through villages’ has been running under the banner of Santulan – the Gender equality program of DJJS in the Meerut city of U.P. Raising awareness on need for gender just mindsets, a gender sensitization session was held in Chirchita village of Meerut on July 16, 2015 to sensitize people towards value of girl child.

They pledged to welcome girl child with open arms & smiling faces…

Sadhvi Lokesha Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Ambika Bharti Ji, along with a team of volunteers called the people from nearby households in village to participate in the interactive session. Posters and placards on the cause of saving the girl child highlighting skewed sex ratio were displayed. A glimpse of numerous rallies and gender based workshops held at Meerut was also presented through exhibition.

They pledged to welcome girl child with open arms & smiling faces…

Slogans exposing the critical situation of increase in female feticide, myths & misconceptions against girl child that encourage gender discrimination, were designed by Santulan volunteers and hung on a rope as a mode of sensitization through visuals. Sadhvi Lokesha Bharti ji talked about the ratio as well as the present status of girl child in Meerut and need & remedy to better the situation. Demystification of myths and disclosure of ignored achievements were some of the tools used to sow a seed of gender equality.

After the session, the sensitized participants held these placards in their hands and said aloud 'Main kanya bhrun hatya ke khilaf awaaz uthaunga/uthaungi' and 'Ladka ladki ek samaan' as a pledge to contribute to save girl child.

Post the discussion, an exhibition was arranged for the mass distribution of Santulan pamphlets having a brief of facts discussed during session. Santulan volunteers counselled the participants one by one who visited the counter. DJJS through its convergent efforts is aiming on establishment of a scenario where a girl child is also welcome in the family with open arms and smile on faces.

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