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DJJS presented the 90th edition of the Webcast Series at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi on Sunday, 23 Jan, 2022. The program was streamed on the DJJS' official YouTube Channel. Thousands of people joined the virtual program from all over the world to gain insight into spirituality.

Traits of a True Devotee Highlighted at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi

The program commenced with soul-soothing devotional songs followed by an insightful spiritual discourse by Sadhvi Parma Bharti Ji, disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Founder and Head, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan. She explained that fortunate are those who are blessed with the presence of a divine Spiritual Mentor in their lives, as he is the one who alone can ensure our spiritual growth. The one who shows God within can be none other than God Himself, manifested in human garb on this mortal plane! A disciple knows that what his Guru has blessed him with, it cannot be paid back! There is nothing in the whole universe, by offering which he can relieve himself of the Guru's debt!

Traits of a True Devotee Highlighted at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi

Sadhvi Ji explained that while walking on the path of devotion, a devotee should introspect and analyse as to how strongly he has been able to connect with his revered Gurudev – at spiritual, emotional and mental level?

With the inspiring song “We shall overcome someday…Oh deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall overcome someday,” Sadhvi Ji motivated the disciples that no matter how difficult the situation is or will be, we must keep going to achieve our supreme goal. Together and under the guidance of Gurudev, we surely will bring the change!

We are indeed most fortunate to have Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji as our Spiritual Mentor, who has enriched our lives by blessing us with the eternal technique of Brahm Gyan, thereby making us experience the Supreme Lord within. We offer countless salutations in the lotus feet of Gurudev.

The program ended with Global Dhyaan Hour- an hour-long meditation session, wherein the disciples of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji present all over the world meditated for global welfare.

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