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6th of January, 2019, Dabwali Malko Ki was blessed with spiritual congregation, a much-awaited event for the devotees. The disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji spoke on the importance of Guru or Perfect Master in life. Guru is the one who can transition an individual’s mind from clutter to stillness.  Human mind has a tendency to think rapidly and repeatedly. It also has an inclination to dwell in the past or be anxious about future. This tendency of mind inhibits an individual to use its full potential and progress in life. Sadhvi ji explained that mind can be a double edge sword and can be used for both construction and destruction. A balanced and controlled mind can be attained though Dhyan- true technique of meditation. By continuous practice of Dhyan, one learns to tame the mind so that there is no tussle between the mind and heart. This balance is the secret of success for any person.

True Confirmation of God’s Reflection within through Divine Knowledge, Dabwali Malko Ki, Punjab

The large number of devotees gathered to listen to these golden words could feel the divinity in the air. The volunteers offered selfless service at the main hall and outside. Though the volunteers belonged to all walks of life, some of them were students, while others included working professionals and house wives; their only motive at this place was to contribute to the great mission of spreading the message of Brahm Gyan. The volunteers initiated into this Gyan have been able to achieve progress in their lives with regular practice of Dhyan.

True Confirmation of God’s Reflection within through Divine Knowledge, Dabwali Malko Ki, Punjab

Wise are those who turn the results of their Karmas or the energies to null by incessant Dhyan- true technique of which is bestowed upon an individual during Brahm Gyan. The science of Brahm Gyan is the ultimate path and there are no sideways to it. With Dhyan, fruits of Karma get converted to spiritual energy which is then utilized to further develop this universe. Audience was mesmerized with this introduction to the truth of life and went home filled with content to further reflect and introspect.

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