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A lively ten day summer camp for children was held by DJJS at Nurmahal (Punjab) from 12 to 21 June 2018. Approximately 1100 children attended the camp. The camp was weaved together by various DJJS representatives who held sessions on yoga, art and craft, strategic games, and spiritual melody. They also conducted interactive lectures. The lectures were truly illuminating, for they touched upon themes like how to overcome the sense of failure, rise higher and achieve goals that benefit not just the self but also the world.  

Udaan (Rise to Greater Heights): Summer Camp for Children at Nurmahal, Punjab

It is often found that children are the most sensitive of the lot and a single word undermining their capability can make them emotional recluse, at best, and volatile, at worst. For this purpose, it was emphasized at the camp that it is necessary that what children get exposed to be of soothing and encouraging nature. How do we humans create such an environment? Tuning into the eternal source of inner wisdom helps build such a scenario. But for this to happen we need to take guidance form an enlightened seer (Guru). A seer who can open our inner eye and let us realize the purpose and meaning of human life.  Once tuned in we will see every situation as having potential for making us grow in every aspect of life rather than as posing any kind danger to us.

Udaan (Rise to Greater Heights): Summer Camp for Children at Nurmahal, Punjab

There is a process through which we all can tap into the eternal wisdom with the grace of a Guru and it is known as Brahm Gyan (Eternal Knowledge). This Gyan can be taken once a human attains the age in which differentiating between socially beneficial actions and harmful ones is possible. In this way, even children approximately from the age of seven can attain Brahm Gyan. This eternal knowledge unleashes the sense of responsibility and independence, i.e., no one else but we have the capacity to change our circumstances. With the knowledge we can make our life and thereby the entire world a peaceful place for all.  A world in which we take care of our actions and those who need our help. A society in which we all strive to be achievers rather than bad-tempered. In this regard one can start his/her spiritual journey with the kindness of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. He is one true enlightened soul of the present era.

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