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Manthan SVK, the holistic education program, an initiative by Divya Jyoti Jagarati Sansthan distributed the school uniforms to 100 children at our Ludhiana centers on 23rd July, 2018.

Uniform Disribution to Manthanites

Sadhvi Rajni Bharti Ji, preacher representative, DJJS Manthan, said that the idea of putting the foundation of an education institution imbibed with values & holistic approach of learning for the marginalized section’s children is so inspiring and thought provoking that, what was once planted as a sapling is now all grown into a large tree.

Uniform Disribution to Manthanites

Mr. Subhash Lakra (MD. S.K. Bikes) our honorable donor and guest donated these uniforms to Manthanites. Swami Gurukirpanand Ji & Swami Prakashanad Ji preachers from DJJS, talked about the progress of Manthanites.

The eminent guests highly applauded the socio-spiritual initiatives undertaken by DJJS and also paid reverence in the lotus feet of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji for igniting the selfless zeal in the menfolk to bring social changes for the welfare of the society. Mr. Subhash also added that he will surely provide support in further activities and will collaborated with the organization in its endeavors.

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