Taking the Baton of sensitized youth at the forefront to lit against the menace of addiction in Punjab, the drug abuse eradication program of DJJS, has organized a one day training session with the youth for turning them into a brigade of 150 trained volunteers, educated and sensible enough for the ins and outs of the problem of addiction in Punjab. Knowing the dynamics, facts and figures about its proliferation, various videos and documentaries were also screened and discussed in a greater detail to have a logical and deep rooted understanding of the ways in which the abuse of drugs and its trafficking has gripped the state. Consecutively, four sessions were taken by the subject experts from the program Bodh, regarding the concepts, myths and psychologies relating to the use of drugs in Punjab and within society in general. Advocate Sh. J.K. Dutta - Secretary managing committee, R.K. Arya College SBS Nagar, Dr. Jotminder Singh Sandhu - M.D. Psychiatry, Sandhu Hospital SBS Nagar and some other eminent officials facilitated their presence in the event and appreciated it in view of having a successful impact of the campaign in the state of Punjab.

Unmoolan Campaign against Drug Abuse reaches Nawashehar in Punjab

Unmoolan Campaign is a unique initiative aiming to create drug free environment in Punjab where people are strong willed and resolute to not even experiment with drugs based upon the informed decision taken by themselves alone, not pushed, not induced by anyone else from the society. DJJS through its wide network of branches across the globe is working on nature conservation, bovine conservation, gender aspects, education, health, drug abuse eradication, disaster management and empowerment of prisoners and persons with disabilities.

Unmoolan Campaign against Drug Abuse reaches Nawashehar in Punjab

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