In the wake of rapidly depleting forests and sprawling concrete jungles, DJJS Sanrakshan annually celebrates Van Mahotsav- the traditional forest festival of India during the monsoon as an act of veneration to Mother Earth for her benevolence, and also to pay tribute to god for blessing us with the precious gift "Trees". Furthering the same Van Mahotsav 2016 was marked across the DJJS network of branches in India, holding special tree plantation drives and sensitizing masses towards the value of trees.  

Van Mahotsav 2016 | Thousands of trees planted and distributed across India to restore ecological balance

Tree hold sacred place in Indian living as a single tree supports a complete circle of life. A famous quote by Richard Mabey,

Van Mahotsav 2016 | Thousands of trees planted and distributed across India to restore ecological balance

"To be without trees would, in the most literal way, to be without our roots."

  aptly highlights the value of trees.

A single tree is…

Oxygen for life
Home for Birds
The paper you write on
The bed you sleep on
The glass of water you drink
50% cut on energy usage
The food you eat
The cool breeze you like
The fountain of rain
A healthy life
A friend for life
A gift for generations to come!

However in the race of development and urbanization earth has lost its substantial tree cover. Statistics point out that each day we are losing a forest area equivalent to a football ground. This means loss of climatic balance, loss of natural health stabilizers, loss of clean air, loss of precipitation, loss of several species and loss of life as a whole.

Today scientists prove that, trees are the simplest and finest technology to restore the ecological balance. Advocating the same, DJJS Sanrakshan motivated masses across the country to plant saplings as well as maintain green spaces in their vicinity and make their essential contribution towards nature conservation. Around 20,000 saplings of trees and plants with medicinal value like neem, Peepal, papaya, tulsi etc. were distributed and planted through various DJJS centers.  DJJS Nurmahal centre alone planted and distributed over 12000 saplings in the month of July. In addition, thousands of people were sensitized on importance of tree plantation through lectures, sabhas and specially designed ‘Tree for life’ leaflets.

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