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Manthan SVK, DJJS recently organised a virtual Career counseling session on 27 November 2021 for its alumni's who are seeking guidance in their career choices. This virtual Alumni Meet aimed to develop skills like time management, positive behavior, creative thinking and self-awareness in students.

Under Manthan SVK’s initiative “नींव – Nurturing Strong Futures” over a 100 students and teachers took part in this Alumni meet. Mrs. Charu Nautiyal ji (Principal Dunnes Institute, ICSE School) and Medhavi Nautiyal ji (Assistant Legal Counsel, The Boston Consulting Group India Pvt Ltd. (BCG), New Delhi) were the facilitators of this virtual session. The symposium centred on understanding students' personal, social and emotional needs and helping them select their interests and potential career opportunities.

In addition to this, the esteemed facilitators helped the students assess their own abilities and interests through aptitude assessments and interviews. Both the counselors also tried to encourage the students by sharing their own experiences and inspirational thoughts. 

In the end, Sadhvi Deepa Bharti Ji (Program Head, Manthan SVK), expressed her gratitude to the guests and all the organizers for conducting such a motivating Career Counseling Session for the students.

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