Manthan SVK, a social initiative of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sasnthan has participated in iVolunteer’s program called corporate employee volunteering where they partner with different corporate clients to engage their employees with the development sector through various small projects. Under the same program, an activity was planned on 21st & 22nd March on the theme International Women's Day & World Water day with TATA Communications.

'W'ater and 'W'omen change the 'W'orld

This social initiative was organised and conducted in two office premises of Tata at Cannaught Place and Greater Kailash wherein 42 Manthanites participated with great fervor.

'W'ater and 'W'omen change the 'W'orld

They were paired up with Tata employees and together painted Matkas (earthen pots) with great enthusiasm and creativity. The Matkas symbolise 'water storage' and 'women's strength', the children were told.

Children were highly delighted to get such a corporate exposure which not only gives them a learning experience but also enthuse confidence and wisdom to face the challenges of the world.

Students were also made aware of the constitutional rights for women and based on them they made short and impactful slogans which they later wrote over their painted pots. They were assured that these newly painted matkas conveying such empowering messages would be gifted to underprivileged women, and that added on to the Manthanites' joy.

Along with such innovative activities, a few students were also counselled for their career goals by Senior Tata employees. The employees talked and had fun with the kids as they expressed how recreating an experience it was for them to spend time out of their busy schedules with such creative kids.

Tata employees and ivolunteer staff highly appreciated the dedicated efforts put in by Manthan SVK program to bring the underprivileged children at par with the mainstream society.

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