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Webinar for Manthan SVK Alumnis

Manthan- Sampoorna Vikas Kendra(SVK), social initiative of DJJS, which is working with inspiration and guidance of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji for the underprivileged children of society by providing them holistic education along with moral values and awakening the hidden potential for their absolute development. Manthan SVK has provided a way to thousands of students to achieve their goals, many of them are now a part of Esteemed Colleges and Universities.

Webinar for Manthan SVK Alumnis

Manthan SVK organizes Alumni Meets from time to time for the ex- Manthanites. With this, considering the current situation of COVID-19, Manthan SVK has organized a “Webinar for Alumni’s” on Saturday, 25th July’2020. The program included professional career counselling session and inspirational talks attended by more than 100 ex-Manthanites virtually. Sh. Mohan Tiwari Ji, Founder and CEO – Student’s Destination, gracefully volunteered to conduct this virtual Career Counselling session on “How to Select a Career Path”. The session was based on the career selection and it’s planning. He explained that usually students choose their career based on trends which might confuse them in their later life. The best way to select the career is to first understand yourself i.e. self-assessment, learn about your passion and goals in your life before reaching to any conclusion. Definitely, 2020 is putting everyone in dilemma, especially the student’s but you can turn the ball into your court and make complete use of this time by investing time in honing and learning new skills and trainings. This time is actually blessing in disguise as said by Sh. Mohan Tiwari Ji.  World has faced greatest challenges in the past as well during world wars, pandemic and many others odd circumstances but gradually obstacles turns into great opportunities if tackled in the right way and intention.

The career counselling session was followed by a talk by, Sadhvi Dr. Shivani Bharti Ji, Preacher; DJJS on “Manthan Awakening the deepest potential and ethical living pattern”. The session included Spiritual, Moral and Ethical discussions that helped Manthanites to develop their overall personality. Sadhvi Ji emphasized on the importance of character building, moral values and significance of spirituality in life by quoting instances from the life of Swami Vivekananda that motivated the ex- Manthanites.  Ms. Kalpana Sharma, Counsellor, Students’ Destination was the moderator of the program. Sadhvi Deepa Bharti Ji, Program Coordinator, Manthan SVK thanked the mentors – Sh. Mohan Tiwari Ji and Ms Kalpana Sharma for conducting a succesful career counselling session that helped student’s with effective and implementable takeaways. This Webinar gave student’s a new direction and ways to understand their career paths and goals in life. Students were highly inspired, motivated and learnt to open the doors of opportunity in every situation of life.

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