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Nagpur (Maharashtra): Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, with the divine inspiration of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Head & Founder of the organization), is an institution which is striving to establish the fact that women are outstandingly powerful and potent to render values and virtues to the whole society. Every year in the month of March, Santulan acknowledges and appreciates the successful deeds of iconic women in the society by adding a feather in their caps called ‘Santulan Award’. And, for 11thsuccessive time, Santulan is carrying out Annual Santulan Awards Program in various regions of Indian line with the UN’s International Women’s Day 2020 theme of ‘Each for Equal’. The first milestone was laid in Nagpur, the third largest city of Maharashtra witnessing a brisk rise in violence against women.The splendid event at Suresh Bhatt Auditorium, Great Nag Road, Reshimbaugh, Nagpur, on March 8, 2020 was organised in the presence of honourable guests of honour, Mrs. Kanchan Gadkari, President of Sanskar Bharti, Nagpur and Dr. Ramesh Gautam, National Working President, Arogya Bharti.

Women masterstrokes cognized through 11th Annual Santulan Awards at Nagpur on IWD 2020

The ‘Annual Santulan Awards’ initiative of DJJS Santulan was selected by the Worldwide International Women’s Day (IWD) organization as the IWD 2019 ‘Best Practice’ under the Category of ‘Grassroots Impact’ for driving meaningful change in the society. It’s a matter of India’s pride that in the category of ‘Grassroots Impact’, Santulan was the only winner chosen around the world for accelerating Gender Parity by Awakening of Societal Consciousness through the instrumentality of Spirituality, a unique perspective of the founder and head of the organization HH Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

Women masterstrokes cognized through 11th Annual Santulan Awards at Nagpur on IWD 2020

On March 7, a Press-Briefing was conducted by the organization at Pratkar Bhawan, Panchasheel Square, Dhantoli, Nagpur. Sadhvi Deepa Bharti Ji rendered the vision of Annual Santulan Award initiative of the organization. This brought tens of thousands to the event on March 8. The program was set into motion with lamp lighting by the Guest(s) of Honor and DJJS representatives. Followed by this, a skit based on the incentivizing life of Manikarnika- The queen of Jhasi was presented. The skit portrayed Manikarnika who later came to be known as Lakshmibai, as India’s wonder woman whose bravery, courage, wisdom, progressive views on women’s empowerment and her sacrifice made her an icon of empowerment for generations to follow. Lakshmibai faced copious challenges from her childhood till her last breath but she overcame all the tussles of her life like a star and became a paragon. Thereon, an apprising and enlightening lecture on ‘True Nature of Women Empowerment’ highlighting need for women to discover their unexplored dimensions through spiritual awakening was delivered by Sadhvi Manimala Bharti Ji, daughter disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

Thereafter, a dance ballet to present women potential and majesty as divine mother was performed by team of enthusiastic volunteers of Santulan on the most popular theme song of TuHaiShakti women empowerment drive of Santulan, that made the venue echo with claps and commendation. Further, the event progressed to show the contributions of Santulan as the country’s greatest movement creating Gender Just Society, with two decades of incessant efforts, working in more than 12 states of India, with approximately 8000 Women peer educators, and 25000 dedicated Women change Agents.

Ms. Nirmala Ford & Ms. Chandraprabha Ramteke were awarded the ‘Best Changemaker Santulan Award 2020’ for their iconic performance as 1st Shovel Operator in India and 1st Cab Driver in Nagpur, respectively; Ms. Sumedha Meshram was awarded the ‘Best Influencer Santulan Award 2020’ for becoming the 1st Metro Pilot of Nagpur; Dr. Sonal Patel, Secratery of Stri Shakti Vikas trust & Ms. Sunita Thakre running Chaitanya Charitable NGO for disadvantaged women were awarded ‘Best Contributor Santulan Award 2020’; Ms. Kirti Krushnarao Harde & Ms. Mangla Krushnarao Harde were awarded ‘21st Century Vedic Woman Santulan Award 2020’ for being transformation case studies of Brahmgyan and gracefully serving Nagpur Police; Ms. Kavita Mundle, Ms. Gayatri Andhare & Ms. Kavita Mundale for their record making in women cycling in above 40 age group along with Ms. Prajakta Godbole, record holder in 5000, 10000 Mtr & 21 Km Run and Ms. Saanya Pillai, Black Belt in Martial Art with 54 Medals were awarded ‘Best Performance Excellence Santulan Award 2020’. Sadhvi  Ujjwala Bharti Ji, coordinator of Nagpur Branch of DJJS extended a thank you note to the Guest(s) of Honor and the distinguished audience followed by memento presentation. The glorious event was concluded with gender based awareness exhibition and high tea and was covered by print media and electronic media.

DJJS is a socio-spiritual organization working globally for the establishment of universal brotherhood and peace through nine-dimensional social reforms and welfare programs, focused on issues like gender, education, community health, drug abuse eradication, environment conservation, Indian cow breed improvement and conservation, disaster management and empowerment of disabled and prisoners, along with workshops for corporate sector and youth.

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